Clinic Policies



It is our intention to provide all our patients with the best care possible at all times. In order to maintain our high standards which include spending time with your children to understand their individual needs, we need your cooperation.

Therefore we are kindly asking you to take some time to review policies that affect our goals of minimizing waiting times and maximizing time spent with the patient during a visit.

In the Office

No cell phone use in clinic. We would kindly ask you to turn off your cell phones while you are in our office.

Arrive early. Please remember that all insurance requires that your insurance data be updated prior to each encounter. This usually takes a few minutes. If this is not done, your insurance may deny your claim. We would not want time spent on administrative requirements to limit your time with the doctor.


Schedule an appointment by calling (678) 289 8184. Walk-in patients are generally not rejected but have to understand that they will be offered the first available appointment – which means they probably have to wait.


Patients who arrive on time are seen at their appointment time. Patients who have arrived on time will be seen ahead of those who arrive late. If you arrive late, we may need to shorten or reschedule your child's visit or you might have to wait for a longer period of time.


Call ahead if you are late or unable to make your appointment time. We will do all that we can to accommodate your child's appointment and to minimize the need to reschedule your appointment.


Late arrivals (> 15 minutes after scheduled appointment) will be offered the next available appointment. In these cases, a no-show charge for the lost appointment might apply. While we will do all that is possible to accommodate requests, the first-available appointment may or may not be on the day the appointment was missed.


The no-show charge will be waived if you contact our office at least 24h before your appointment. Keep in mind hat appoinments canceled on time, 24h before scheduled will not incur any no-show fee.


Appointments for additional children should be made by phone prior to coming to the office. If you would like another child to be seen,  please schedule appointments for both children by phone prior to coming to the office.  If you don’t follow that advice only one child might be seen that day or you might have to wait until an additional time slot is available. 

After-hours Call Service

Please limit after-hour calls to urgent issues and emergencies.

Having a sick child is always stressful to parents and family. If your child is sick when our clinic is closed and you feel that you cannot wait until our office is open again, call our number (678) 289 8184 to speak to our answering service. The triage nurse will help you to route your call. If you feel your child might have a life threatening condition call 911 for immediate assistance.

For everything below life threatening but still cannot wait until we are open again, we would generally advise you to go to an urgent care center, like the Children's at Hudson Bridge (CHOA) or another close by emergency room.


You can also refer to our patient information for answers to common illness questions. Click on Resources at the top of the page there you can find answers to a multitude of common problems.

For refills, appointment requests, and other non-urgent matters, you may leave a message or call the office during regular hours. A charge of $20 will be applied for after-hours calls that do not lead to an office or emergency department visit.

Please also do the following when using this service:


  • When leaving a message, please speak slowly.
  • Be sure to leave a callback number & disable your call block feature.
  • Follow the instructions given!


Refills. If your child needs a prescription refill, we are asking you to give us enough time to process the request. We would generally suggest to give us the refill request 48-72 hours before you run out of medication. This is especially important before weekends or holidays to ensure that you do not need to call outside of opening times which will incur additional charges.

We also want to remind you that children who need ongoing medication for chronic conditions typically require follow up appointments to have their prescription refilled.


We do not delay nor space vaccines for children or allow non-immunized patients into our practice. Our doctors firmly believe in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines to prevent serious illnesses and to save lives. We stand firmly that all children and

adolescents should receive the recommended vaccines on time and according to schedules published by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics. To ensure the highest standard of care and to protect all patients, especially the vulnerable ones, we therefore require full immunizations on patients coming to our office. Certain immunizations are required by law to protect the pediatric population against preventable childhood diseases. Without them your child might not be allowed to attend school.

You will be handed printed material to read about each of those vaccines, including possible side effects and asked to sign a consent form before each injection is given.


We are aware that some parents express concerns about a possible connection between vaccines and Autism or other developmental disorders. A number of credible scientific studies in the US and around the world have shown that there is no link between Autism or other disorders and vaccination. As a matter of fact it is soundly established by research that delaying vaccines offers no medical benefit and instead puts your child and others at risk to get sick from a preventable disease.

Did you know that during every infectious disease the metabolism of a child is stalling growth to use all it's resources to fight off the infection? Vaccination is one of the reasons why kids nowadays are significantly taller than they were a century ago.

Privacy & Privacy For Minors

The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portabilty and Accountability Act) legislation was passed to protect your child's private and medical information. You can read and download our specific policies in the Resources page of our website. At THE KIDS SPECIALISTS you will always discuss your child's health with your physician confidentially behind closed doors.


Privacy for minors. We believe that building trust is essential to create a partnership between our doctors, the patients and their families that works best for the healthy development of the children. Parents and their children are both entitled to this trust. We are putting that into action by keeping conversations with patients and their families strictly confidential.

Georgia law states that adolescents who are 12-17 years of age have special statutory rights which entitle them to confidential communications with their physicians. Means they can talk with their doctor about things they do not wish to tell their parents  or other adults. We are required by law to keep those conversations equally confidential - between physician and patient only.

There is only an exception to this right if the physician determines that the patient might be in danger that she/he could be hurt, hurt somebody else or might hurt herself/himself.

We are open:

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